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founded in 2007, is a company focusing on the research and development, application, agency and promotion of electronic products. It has offices in major cities throughout the country: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and other places. Over the past decade, as a professional supplier of electronic components, our products have been distributed to all brands in the United States, Europe and Asia, such as strong ALTERA, XILINX, INTEL, TI, LINEAR, ST, CYPRESS, etc. We also have a unique solution to the problems of military, industrial and communication products.

The company's specific advantages are as follows:

1、 SOTUHCHIP has a large number of off-the-shelf, strong agent distribution line products supply and price advantages, such as: the world's two most famous manufacturers of FPGA and CPLD chips, ALTERA and XILINX company's various high, middle and low-end FPGA and CPLD chips, our company has a large number of off-the-shelf. For some hot models, long-term spot supply is guaranteed; for some high-end chips and cold door chips, exclusive supply can be guaranteed.     A small sample can be provided. For customers in product testing and procurement to bring great convenience, in the price has the greatest advantage. We not only provide superior prices for our customers, but also provide the best quality assurance for our technicians and designers.

2、SOUTHCHIP has provided professional electronic components inventory management services for OEM, EMS and other service providers in the past decade. In our exclusive business channel, we can efficiently push customers'surplus and outdated inventory to the world and realize it quickly, improve customers' cost turnover efficiency and reduce capital occupation. According to the specific needs of customers, we will designate professional inventory solutions to meet the actual needs of customers.

Please send the list of surplus materials to our email address: info@south-chip.com
We will quickly assess the customer's surplus inventory list, and provide quotations to buy the customer's surplus inventory as a whole.

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