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2020CPU王者之争, Intel Can Stopamdcontinue To Thrive?

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  last year7month,AMDGrab the first before Intel7Nanotechnology3generationRyzen,in Germany、In Korea and other places,Market share is more than Intel,It is widely believed,The two big companies started a newCPUcompetition。

  As of2018So far,DesktopCPU(CPU)Market still8Occupied by Intel,But last year,AMDToRyzenseriesCPUBreak this situation。AMDofRyzenSeries in high performance gamesPCMarket attracts attention,For professional players who make the most of their components,CPUPerformance、Specifications are important,Relatively,Intel product evolution has been low in recent years,Prices continue to rise,Many consumers are beginning to be disappointed with Intel,Turn toAMDEmbrace。

  RyzenUse extremely scalableZenArchitecture,YesAMDImportant keys to returning to the high-performance computing market。2017year3month,AMDLaunch the first generationRyzenTime,Highest standardRyzen7already owned8nuclear、16High-level configuration of threads,At that time there were only competing products on the market4nuclear the level of,butRyzen7Lower than competing products500USD,Make a splash in the market。Intel stayed at last year10Nanotechnology,AMDEarly Access7Nano Craft Products,contain16nuclearRyzen9 3950X、24nuclearRyzen Threadripper 3960X,as well as 32 nuclear Ryzen Threadripper 3970X,In performance、Prices are better than Intel。

  Naturally, Intel will not let things go on like this,last year10month,Intel Introduces Highest Specs for Desktop ComputersCore i9-9900KS,The sectionCPUbelongCore i9-9900KSpecial model,Core i9-9900K on the basis of frequency for 3.6GHz,Under the vortex acceleration,can1、2Nuclear boost to5GHz frequency,Core i9-9900KSIs fully approved5GHzStable operation。Although the highest specifications are priced higher,Productive consumer(Prosumer)There is still a great possibility to choose Intel。

  ToRyzenSeries revivingAMDFierce competition with Intel again,It is widely believed,this yearCPUMarket competition may be more intense。Korean media pointed out,Consumers welcome the two companies to compete,The more products listed in the future,The more choices consumers have,Prices are also expected to fall across the board。



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