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US Chip Giant Sells Part Of Its Business To Beijing Qingxin Huachuang,The Wave Of Chip Mergers And Acquisitions

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  Following Well Semiconductor's acquisition of U.S. sensorsCISDachang Howe(Omnivision),To and Beijing junzheng intends to acquire niche memory chip design company siliconISSIAfter two major chip mergers and acquisitions,All circles believe that in the current international political situation,China's chip acquisition progress may be blocked in the future,But yesterday there was a case of Sino-U.S. Chip transactions that caused the semiconductor industry's attention.。

  2019year12month19day,New thinking on touch chip giant listed on NASDAQSynapticsAnnounce,Will divestTDDI(Touch and display driver)Chip business,以1.2Billion US dollars sold to Beijing Qingxin Huachuang Investment Management,The two parties have reached an agreement,And this deal has been wonSynapticsPassed by the board,Expected to be2020Closing the second quarter of the year。


  TDDIFiery technology,Many new thinkers

  TDDIchipYes these years are very popularoftechnology,is touch with Display Drive ICShort name,As the name implies, it integrates the display driver chip and touch chip into a new touch solution.。

  Across the semiconductor industry,Driver chips are a very large area,Includes small driver chip for smartphones,TVLarge-sized driver chip used,Not to mention the huge number of new automotive markets。Furthermore,Touch chip technology has risen in recent years。

  TDDIThe emergence of chip technology,Is based on the idea of ​​the integration of the above two technologies,Integrate driver and touch chip into one chip,Can save the cost and internal of the smartphonePCBSpace。

  Ask the coreVoiceAlso learned exclusively,SynapticsofTDDIBusiness before Huaxin Qingxin Huachuang,There are actually many suitors,Outgoing touch chip supplier Aegis,And Gu Tie, the chairman of Hefei Shiya Technology, are very interested.。

  Beijing Qingxin Huachuang AcquisitionSynapticsAfter the announcement of its chip business,The industry's first reaction was concerns whether it would be affected by the U.S. Overseas Investment Commission(CFIUS)Intervention?

  so far,TDDIChip technology should have no doubts that threaten national security,AndSynapticsofTDDIChip market share is under threat,There should be no doubts about market monopoly。

  After the acquisition of Howe,Vail will reintegrateTDDI?

  Beijing Qingxin Huachuang is a venture capital company,On acquisition Synaptics of TDDI After the chip business,What will happen?19 The news comes out in the evening,The chip industry is guessing,Weir with deep relationship with Qingxin Huachuang,Maybe it's the home of this new business。

  Howell was originally a NASDAQ-listed company,2016Privatized by Huachuang Investment and other investors,Only after Shanghai Weier130Hundreds of millions of yuan to buy Howe,Then rise to become a shining star in the domestic chip design industry。

  ifSynapticsbelong toTDDIChip business is once again included in Weir's business landscape,Navel in the field of domestic chip design,Will have more weight。

  Recently, Weir also announced that it will participate in the integration of domestic and overseas integrated circuits,It is planned to invest in cash through overseas wholly-owned subsidiaries5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Participated in investing in overseas semiconductor funds managed by Huahua Capital,And the fund size is2One hundred million U.S. dollars,The actual controller of the funds was reported as Chen Datong,He is also the exhibition、One of the founders of Howe。

  SynapticsHit the two calamities

  SynapticsWhy sellTDDIBusiness?According to senior chip designersVoice analysis,SynapticsI have encountered two major difficulties in recent years,The first level is the big customer Apple cut order,The second level isTDDIThe product line is served by a strong enemy ring,Competitiveness is not guaranteed。

  SynapticsIs a chip supplier of human-computer interaction technology,It is the global touch chip giant,Has a display driver chipDDI、Touch chip、TDDIChips, etc.。

  past,SynapticsThe main source of business is Apple's driver chipDDIOrder。but now,Apple orders compared to previous heydays,Only about a third left。

  appleiPhoneofOLEDBecause the model is SamsungOLEDDisplay,So it ’s with SamsungOLEDDriver chip。

  Apple also started making homemadeDDI芯片,Most Apple component suppliers are inevitably destined to be abandoned by Apple,The industry calls“Poison apple”effect。

  but,Synaptics Emphasize,Although sold TDDI business,But will continue to invest in touch and driver chips on smartphones DDI Technology development。

  Furthermore,Synaptics The first two years have also begun to layout business transformation,2017 Acquisition of audio processing solution provider Conexant mid-year Conexant,And content electronics Marvell Multimedia Solutions Business Unit,From the solution provider of man-machine exchange technology,Extending towards the field of consumer IoT。

  Synaptics The second difficulty encountered,Is in TDDI Chip business,Facing the aggressive entry of competitors。As long as the American chip maker passes the initial technological lead,At the price war stage,Usually the first to surrender。

  globalTDDIAnatomy of industry and competition

  Talk aboutTDDIChip industry,The world's largest supplier is TaiwanICDesign factoryNovatek,and alsoSynaptics,And the new competitor Wonder Optoelectronics、Duntai、The power of Pan Media Group(2015MediaTek acquires Yili in the name of Chenfa Technology, a subsidiary of Morningstar)。

  originalTDDIThe market is made up ofSynapticsLeading together with two major manufacturers of Novatek,But in recent years Novatek hasTDDIGreat leap forward in market share,Plus the market share of new entrants in the price war,PutSynapticsAlmost defeated。

  Wafer foundry UMC for NovatekTDDIProduct line support on capacity,Also successfully allowed Novatek to gain cost advantages and a large amount of capacity,Grab market share on the front line。

  According to research institute statistics,Smartphone application for TDDI The chip needs at least one year 5 100 million tablets,Even estimated 6 Market size of 100 million tablets,2019 Novatek's market share in this field is about 40%,Compare 2018 年 30% Significant increase in share,and Synaptics Market share from 2018 Year 25%,decrease to 2019 Annual contract 15%。

  TDDIChips are mostly used in high-end smartphones,The future will gradually gradually towards the center、Low-end smartphone penetration,Expansion of the application market,Attract competitors to join,It's like Duntai talks to grabTDDImarket30% Share as goal。

  in fact,From2019Second quarter of the year,TDDIThe market because of the active participation of competitors,Began to face severe price pressure,Gradually shrinking gross margin,entireTDDIThe market has indeed shifted from the blue ocean to the red ocean,It's time for Americans to leave。

  2018First half of the year,TDDIThe chip market once fell into a tight supply situation,Originally focused on80nmproduce,Partially transferred to55nmCraft,But yield still needs to be improved,So currently80nm Process is stillTDDIChip mainstream。

  There is another important future trend,Is traditionalTDDI Chip development space,May be New CampAMOLEDCompressed by technology。

  althoughTDDIIs experiencing an explosive growth stage,But it can be seen,InvestTDDIChip companies,Belong to the traditional LCDThe camp of display technology,As theOLEDBreakthrough in display technology,Non-samsung display suppliers join in,Future demand for chips,May becomeAMOLED TDDI chip。

  Furthermore,In addition to integrating driver and touch chipTDDIOff-chip,There is also a very forward-looking technology,Is to putTDDI Chip and fingerprint identification chip to make an integrated chip (TDDI + Touch fingerprint identification),Can be seen as the next generationTDDI technology,The supplier of such chips is huiting,Aegis and other investment。

  Overall,TDDIMarket demand is going through an explosive phase,Whether it's application expansion,Increase in quantity,Or the battle for technology,This is how the growth industry looks。

  On the acquisition of HowellCISIndustry gap,And the ongoing acquisition of Sicheng by JunzhengISSIAfter filling the gap in niche memory chips,Qingxin Huachuang AcquisitionSynaptics的TDDIbusiness,Symbolizing China's autonomous and controllable path in the chip industry,Take a big step again。


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